Category: Research Assistants

Miguel Ibarguren


Miguel is an undergraduate student currently pursuing a BS degree in Psychology. He is also trying to get into a Cognitive Neuroscience Ph.D Program so that he can conduct research. His research aspirations are to investigate the neurobiological mechanisms of memory formation.

Hanya Irfan


Hanya Irfan is an undergraduate student of the Burnett Honors College studying Health and Cognitive Sciences. Her primary interests include increasing public access to health and psychological services, as well as improving education in underserved communities. As a member of the MIT2 research laboratory, she is assisting in the study of modern human-technology interaction in the increasingly prevalent field of Human Factors.

Katrina Lashinger


Katrina is a Psychology major on the experimental track with a minor in Cognitive Science. She hopes to earn her Ph.D in Cognitive Psychology and is interested in consciousness. She loves being outdoors, doing yoga, and going to concerts.

Britney Raymond

Britney Raymond is a psychology major on the neuroscience track and medical sociology minor. She is completing an undergraduate thesis that explores the relationship between social media usage and racial/ethnic self-presentation efforts. Her research interests are centered on the desire to explore the connection between the process of socialization and the formation of mental illnesses. Britney plans to continue conducting research as she prepares for a clinical psychology Ph.D. program.

Eve Vazquez


Eve is a psychology major on the human factors track. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. and conduct research on human factors in healthcare. In her free time she loves reading and going to concerts.