Larry Van Lue

University of Central Florida
Majoring in Psychology
Certification in Cognitive Sciences
Joined Lab: Spring 2015
Graduated: Fall 2015

Larry Van Lue CV

Larry discovered the MIT2 lab through the University of Central Florida’s Office of Undergraduate Research office. He joined the MIT2 lab in the Spring 2015 term and his research interests include trust in human-robot interaction and automated machine learning devices, human performance, virtual/augment reality, and neurocognition in schizophrenia. Ultimately, he endeavors to pursue a Ph.D in Applied Experimental Psychology & Human Factors.


  • Van Lue, L., & Hancock, P. A. (2016, April). Psychophysiological response and perceived workload when working with adaptive automation. Poster presented at the 10th annual Human Factors and Applied Psychology Conference, Daytona Beach, FL.
  • Van Lue, L. (2016, November). Ecstasy Uses and the Development of Depressive Symptomology Among College Students. Poster presented at the 3rd annual University of Central Florida’s Psychology Society Conference, Palm Bay, FL.