Jong W. Kim, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Associate
University of Central Florida
Department of Psychology
Institute for Simulation and Training

Dr. Kim is a research scientist in Department of Psychology at University of Central Florida. He received his PhD from Department of Industrial Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University in 2008. He joined MIT2 Lab in August 2009. His academic research interests span cognitive science (psychology), computer science, and engineering. He is interested in modeling and simulation of human cognition (i.e., using the ACT-R cognitive architecture), and testing cognitive mechanisms and theories against data gathered from experimentation with human subjects in a laboratory setting. Also, based on the theoretical understanding, he is interested in developing applications. His current research projects include modeling of time-constrained behavior (sponsored by Army Research Office), and developing smart tutoring systems supporting skill acquisition and retention (sponsored by Office of Naval Research). ACT-R – FAQ | Soar – FAQ